Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Car of the Week 2: Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

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This is the second post of the ongoing series; "Car of the Week"

This weeks' car of the week for October is the electric coupe, the Tesla Model S. As we most know, Tesla is an popular company that contains records such as largest acres of land for factory use, and one of a few very fast all electric cars. I tried to get this car of the week in before the era of Tesla goes away. I also might have the Tesla Model X come up soon. Here are some stats of the S; 315 miles of range, 60 mph in a claimed 2.5 seconds, and retractable door handles for prevention of theft. 

Here is a picture of my Tesla Model S Hot Wheel Car.

Hope you enjoy, I have plenty more coming. Again, don't worry the drawings aren't going away. Comment what you think should be next, and if possible, send me a link to the Hot Wheels Car version too.

Edit: Here is a link of the Stats Source.

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