Sunday, April 3, 2016

Volkswagen Car Show 2016

Hello, this is Caleb, again. While driving to a local Starbucks after a day of work, we saw, across the street, a Volkswagen mini car show that my dad and I did not want to miss.

When we got to the the drive thru, we saw around 20 Volkswagen that had been maybe traveling together, or a show that you could bring your own collector's car to be seen by other people stopping by. We saw many cars from vans, to convertible classics, to even some that looked like old spy movie cars. This was a great sight for me. So I pulled out my dad's camera, I took pictures of each car really, and out of the collage below, I chose what would be some of the highlights of what were there. Not to mention all of the cars were spectacular, but I wanted a variety of cars that had come into the scene.

Some of the cars there had been in the Rose-Bowl, which I thought was really cool and memorable. My family saw a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles van that had been converted, with one of the cast members life-sized doll in the side seat it was a Facebook and Instagram-known van that had probably traveled many places.

If I had to rate the Volkswagen there (That I could possibly have), it would be in this list

  1. The Red and White Volkswagen Van (Top Left)
  2. The Green headlights and Shape convertible beetle (Middle Left)
  3. White Rose Bowl Racks and bumpers equipped beetle (Bottom Left)

Overall it was a extraordinary event that was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity 10/10


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