Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tar 2.0

So I was thinking... since I have already done cars and trucks I decided to do a combination of a car and a truck! Tar 2.0 is what I thought of.. but someone had already beat me to this kind of car. (Chevy's El Camino). So then I thought that I should add more detail like smoke and a truck cab but car-style. I thought that I should should make it run Eco Friendly but not with pollution from the smoke. I thought to put bubbles then like all my other cars. In case if you are wondering, the car next to it is a Ford GT but not a Ford56 G++ Unknown. It also has a Sonic the Hedgehog antenna. This car has three levels of storage and is a five-seater. I hope you enjoy this combination of cars and trucks!

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