Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rough Truck

Rough Truck is just like an ordinary but with spikes all over the back. One side is an upside truck with wheels on the top. The other is an upside down truck with spikes.There are treads on the bottom on the wheels. There are spikes on the sides of the truck as well. The bottom one is all black while the top one is quite colorful. These trucks are special because one is made by Ford and the other Infinity.

It got its name because it is a military machine that can slice and dice anything in its way. This truck runs on ordinary fuel (unlike some other cars on the blog). But the weight of the two trucks and all the spikes requires regular fuel. 

I thought it was really createful to have two trucks in one.


  1. What a wonderful blog you have! I have given your blog address to a lady trying to connect kid bloggers. Wendy Curtis Baker may be contacting you. She will have a Pinterest board for children bloggers.

  2. Great blog Caleb!- I received your blog information from Susan Case (above comment) I just pinned your blog on Pinterest to a board about Kids Blogging to show how kids can create great blogs. My own children (10 year old twins) have a soccer blog since soccer is their passion. Here is a link to the Pinterest board so you could have your parents show you the pin.

  3. What a facinating concept - two trucks in one!