Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jet Wired's Twin

Jet Wired's Twin has tracks, similar to the previous post, and has special music in the back. The radio is Bluetooth and if you look you can see the green antenna controlling the radio. There are spikes on top of the wires and those wires connect to the wheels. There are speakers in each wheel which produce music. That music goes outside the car instead of inside. There is a radio wave box which controls which station would be on each radio. The boxes support the cab which is just one curve. Each line in the box represents each dealer that helped make it. The steering wheel, cab, wheels, and treads all came from different dealers.

Unlike any car I have done, this car has supports for its steering wheel because the steering wheel attachment is so long. There are wires through the curved seat and those wires control the seat temperature (hot, cold, or warm). The wires at the top control the whole car's temperature. The box behind the steering wheel contains the airbags in case there is a crash. 

This engine runs on a special type of fuel called "hyper". It requires a pound of candy store candy. This car prefers to run on any type of licorice, Starbursts, edible red wires, and gum balls. 

Let me know if you have any comments or questions!


  1. Great posts, Caleb! I especially like the hyper fuel concept.

  2. I like the hyperfuel concept too. Just think, any left over Halloween candy can power your car, if there is any leftover candy.