Friday, December 14, 2012

LA Auto Show 2012

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The LA Auto Show was a lot of fun. I went with my family. We bought tickets and then the first thing we saw was the Hot Wheels exhibit. We saw one of the team Hot Wheels cars which did a loop at X Games 2012. Then we went to the West Hall and we saw a lot of different brands of cars. First was Honda (see the white convertible below). Then we went to Scion where we got a 3D print of the Scion car. On our way to the next hall, we saw the Shelby, Aston Martin, and Lotus vehicles. We made it to the South where we saw Mercedes and millions of other dealers. We saw a purple Dodge Charger, Mini Coopers, and commercial Ram Trucks.

Then we made our way to the Hyundai Fun Zone. I went to this Traxxas remote control truck racing zone. The line was really long so I had to go in the jump houses first. When I came back I was able to do the trucks and I was able to do some stunts off the ramp. My truck only flipped over twice. It was lots of fun. My brother did the game party truck where they had Wii-U games. He was beating the teenagers by playing the game Mario Chase. He tackled them in 7 seconds because they didn't know how to play.

After that we went to this awesome Traxxas truck show where they had a car and truck with nice acceleration. They had a giant ramp and two small ramps. The truck and car went over the small ramps and flipped and crashed back down off the big ramp. Once I saw how beat up the truck was I figured out what all the parts on the track were from.

I got to dance with these HamSTARS at the Kia booth. So I had a lot of fun dancing! Check out my video of me dancing at KIA.

Did you go to the LA Auto Show? Leave a comment if you have questions about my trip.


  1. Very informative, Caleb. I feel like I took the tour with you. I enjoyed it very much.

  2. Sounds like you had a good time. You provided an excellent narrative of your visit to the show. What did you like best of everything you saw?

  3. I like the team Hot Wheels cars the best.