Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ford GT and A4

The Ford GT and A4 is one mega-car carrier that is made out of small car parts. It is a giant automobile with six wheels. On the back there are 4 cars, which is a sign that it is a car carrier. It can carry up to 16 cars. Even though there are only 8 cars on the picture, it can carry double that amount. The car carrier provides 4 layers of protection on the right and 5 layers of protection on the left in case of crashes.

It does its job like any other car carrier but it can also be used as a hotel. The hotel has a giant radio and a night club. The disco ball is made out of light-up foam. In the hotel there is a medium-sized library. To be able to open the door, the dealer who gave you permission to drive the car will give you a code to get in. You slide the card with the code and the door will scan it for you.

This car carrier was made out of two big cars: Jet-Wired and the Flying Worm with army truck parts added in.

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  1. Ford has been on the market for so long they would know what to make. I love the drawing.