Sunday, September 23, 2012

Peterson Automotive Museum


My family went to the Peterson Automotive Museum. We had a fun time getting there and when we drove into the parking garage, we found Lightening McQueen and a rocket car!  We also passed by a bakery truck that said Peterson Automotive Museum. When we got inside, I noticed there was a Hot Wheels gift store with a giant Hot Rod inside the store. We got our stamps to get in and we went through an area that had cars from old movies. Ryan and I peeked over at the next aisle and found muscle cars. We also found some woodies. There was a fake store inside with plastic oranges, a bank, and an insurance company. Then my dad said, "You need to take time and look at the signs" because we were going too fast. But I WAS taking time to look at all the license plates. We moved on to the next area which had an old Pasadena police car and other classic cars. I also found a car where a door would slide into a groove in the side. Then we ate lunch and headed upstairs. 

We found categories of electric, hybrid, steam, and solar powered cars. I read a little bit of the paragraphs on some of the categories. We also found some sports cars and a Hot Wheels exhibit. When we got to the Hot Wheels exhibit there was an arch of cars.

Last but not least there was a Hot Wheels play section where you could check out cars and race them down a track. First I was confused where to get the cars but then Daddy got a car for Ryan and me. I raced down and traded my cars to see if I could find faster ones. After racing, Daddy and I built a car together. At the very end we went on a Hot Wheels spinning chair.

I would recommend this museum since it tells about cars and that there are over a trillion types of toy cars out in the world.


  1. Very good write-up, Caleb -- and I love the photos. Your description and pictures motivations me to go to the museum and see the cars. What an exciting time! Thanks for sharing your experience. It certainly sounds like you had a lot of fun.

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  3. Very interesting. I will take my kids up to this store to see what they like. They are all car lovers and love the movies related as well.

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