Monday, May 7, 2012


The Solar-To (not two , to as in you are going somewhere) is OBVIOUSLY a solar car. It is moving TO a new house, which is why there is a U-Haul. On the U-Haul, there are solar panels. It has strong wires so it doesn't blow away and so that it can hold on really tight. The car has a spoiler that is 4 feet tall. The window shapes are similar to Fin Win. It has improved power steering. The rectangle on the front is the license plate which says TY... The dots are because I couldn't fit the rest in. The wheels glow in the dark because often when you are moving you have to drive at night. The squiggly line after "Solar-To" in the title is the logo, which represents electricity. The company is named AT&T.


  1. Awesome, Caleb. I love this!

  2. Wow Caleb! Solar powered and wheels that glow in the dark. What a neat concept. Why did you make the spoiler four feet tall?