Monday, May 7, 2012

Fin Win

The Fin Win is a type of classic car. It is inspired by the book named If I Built A Car. Fin Win has a sliding floor that, when opened, reveals a swimming pool. There's no need to drive. There's a robot that drives to make sure your ride is safe. The seats are like coaches and border around the swimming pool. If you look to the left, you'll see a machine that gives you any food you want. It's fully equipped. It can turn into a submarine  that goes underwater and can withstand the pressure of deep water. Also if you are at the beach, look for a fin in the water. If you yell, "Shark!", the Fin Win may jump out of the water using a jet pack and return safely back to the road. If I were to ever make a real car, I would make a diagram of this one and build it when I grow up.


  1. Such a creative imagination! I'm so proud that you're my grandson. You are on your way to great things and an incredible future!

  2. Food with coaches around a swimming pool. Cool idea! Pretty handy to have a car that is also a submarine too.