Monday, January 16, 2012

The Staford Stallion

The Staford Stilan (Stallion). This strong stallion (another name for a horse) is a future van. It is about 3 stories tall which holds up to 50 luggages in the big zone. There are two wheels that are connected and the other is faded because of the force field around it. This is 90,000 inches tall and 1,000 inches wide. This may look like a two story school bus but it's much wider and much taller. The is one of the world's tallest stallions. It is named after a horse because the company is called Pinto, another name for a horse. There are only 50 in the world. 40 of them are for luxury car shows and then the other 10 are sold for weddings or other luxury events. This cool looking Stallion can change into any color you want. There are a rainbow row of buttons and passengers can say what color they want. There is a rainbow button which allows it change into any pattern they want. The Staford can also be transformed into a jump house with wheels. The wheel connector is curved and made out of the steel Calico (the strongest metal in the world). The 'K' with the line in the center is where the button are to turn it into a jump house. The driver will have to climb out of the vehicle to push the button. There are four buttons. One is to bring the luggage down, the second is to go to different internet sites, and the third one is to turn off and on the antenna. The fourth is for the jump house. There's a secret fifth button on the top to make the van go shorter in case it has to go into a tunnel. This button makes it one story tall.

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  1. What a cool idea to make it grow shorter to pass through tunnels. Pretty clever to make it able to change to the color the passenger wants. Another great design.