Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Scoops Away Rose Parade Float celebrates Cherry On Top. One in 2 Million people select this as their favorite float. There are little houses with cherries on top. These represent the yogurt factories that kids can go into. The two-door one is bigger than the one-door one. It shoots out green and red fireworks for the Rose Parade (as you can see). The circles that are different colors are circles of different flavors of yogurt. Orange is for peach, green is for lime, red is for cherry, and blue is for blueberry. There are four wheels on each side in case it tips over. It is about 50ft up in the air. The cherry on top makes it 55ft in the air. It is 22ft wide. The houses cannot fall off because there are invisible gates keeping them in place. The cherries on top are regal cherries. The green and red swirls on the side stand for the rose parade and it is in a secret-ish writing that not a lot of people know.


  1. I hope to see this float in the parade some day. Awesome!