Monday, January 16, 2012

AM Radio Built with Snap Circuits

AM Radio built with Snap Circuits

I got the Snap Circuits from Daddy on Christmas.

The green pieces with the white lines that look like they are going to push together store energy and then let it out. These are called capacitors. The batteries have positive and negative. The plus flows through the blue ones through the yellow resistors and capacitors and through the speakers to the negative. The yellow pieces are resistors. Resistors are like putting rocks in a stream and slow down the electricity flowing. The green triangle with the slider is to adjust the sound. When it goes right the sound goes lower (likes more rocks in the stream) but when it goes left the sound goes higher (like taking out rocks of the stream). The white connector piece with the red bumps is an antenna. It goes and contacts other channels so you can listen to them like you hear in the car or the radio. The green one that looks a wheel is a variable capacitor. It tunes to other stations when you tune the wheel slowly left. Turn it right if you want to go back to another station. If you can see there is a long blue strip with buttons on it. The electricity flows down the white lines. The red circle with holes in it is the speaker which sounds out what the slider and antenna does. The yellow box is an amplifier which makes the sound louder. The hexagons that have lavender surrounding is the board and the silver buttons are to connect to the board.

I was really excited when I first heard the sounds and I thought it was going to be really loud. But then I learned that it was quiet. There are many more pieces in the box like a fan, a motor, lights, a snap sensor, alarms, music, and space war sounds.


  1. Don't let this one go! He'll be handy to keep around the house.

  2. Wow. So much winning. Maybe if I had these as a kid I wouldn't have done poorly in Electricity and Magnetism.

  3. Very cool Caleb!

  4. Your article was very helpful. I'm really grateful.

  5. Ok I just built one