Monday, December 5, 2011

Tyuio TanksCo

The Tyuio TanksCo is the best tank. They are special because there are only two of them in the world. It is hitting a target made of glass. The bullets are sharper than glass. The bullets are made of Calico (see the previous post). One of the tanks belongs to the US Army and the other one belongs to the Government. These tanks only come out in 5 car shows. There are 4 classic car shows it goes to around the country and the 5th is the LA Auto show. The best street to find this company is on Colorado in Pasadena, CA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there V's in the tracks? These V's holds the tracks together with special wires. Each wire gets wrapped around the track and the wheels spin.

What is the big sign for? There are wires that come down from the sign and connect to the wheels (nine total) which make the track spin.

Why isn't painted like an Army tank? Its made by a different company and the stripes represent the company's colors.

What can it destroy? It can destroy the Empire State Building in one bullet. There is a control center inside the tank which takes all the pieces of Calico and brings them together to shoot against the wall to take buildings down.

Note: You can see the bullet and it looks awesome.

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  1. Lulu and I could really use this tank when we go on our walks! Love the blog!