Monday, December 5, 2011

The Mountain's Devil

The Mountain's Gear Launcher, better known as "The Mountain's Devil", makes your airport luggage smaller so you can hike with it. Over 50,000 adventurous people go rock climbing up the mountain. They put their gear on the Mountain Devil and its transforms their luggage into a compressed backpack. They can then go hiking with their Grandparents (or whoever they came to meet). The orange area of the vehicle contains super-powered suction cups which the travelers can use to climb big mountains so you can go to the top and the see the view. There are also wheel chairs with suctions cups on the wheels so people who need to go in a wheel chair can climb the mountain as well. This machine can flatten the tops of mountains (see the black arrows on the front) so you can put fences on the top of mountains so people won't fall off.


  1. This is a very useful machine! I want one... :-)

  2. This one is majorly cool!!!!! I really like the whole wheel chair idea, Caleb!
    Aunti Juli