Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tanco 500

Tanco 500

The Tanco 500 is a car mixed up with a construction site vehicle. The triangles on the top contain the wire system. It is up high, away from the driver. The gas comes through the tank in the middle and goes up through the vehicle to the top on the left side of the triangles. There is an extra wheel on the front, just like the Cubee Cuoo 5G4

Next, you'll notice in front of the cab there a mini-forklift. The extra wheel is to hold it up. The wheels are green because my favorite color is turquoise. This is green-turquoise. The transmission is a concept-transmission. It has not only automatic and manual, but also a new mode called conyo. In this mode, gas comes into the transmission to give it extra power (notice the double bumps on each side of the transmission). This bump system is called Tipoio [ti - poy - oh]. It also provides chemicals which are good for the engine so it can 623 MPH.

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  1. Wow- what a design! Totally Rad! Have you thought of a hover car? I have often thought about this due to the ecological benefits. Although that having been said the car would have to be fueled by steam or something clean burning, if you don't want oil used for pavement certainly you wouldnt want it burning in the air- What do you think? Aunt Jello