Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cubee Cuoo 5G4

The Cubee Cuoo 5G4

This is a Big Rig connected to a camping truck. The yellow pipes on the top are crates for lumber. There are footsteps on the side and the transmission is underneath. There are 6 wheels on this Big Rig/Camping Truck so it has more grip. On the back and middle tires there are "duelies". The 5G4 is traveling on highway 605 going to  Oregon and going 584 MPH. The food cart is carrying kiwi, watermelon, figs, turkey, different types of vegetables, meat, and desserts. There are cake, cookies, muffins, and pie. On the back there are 5 layers of steel which contain a cleaner that cleans off the tires and any dirt on the truck. There is a tube on the back that unloads the lumber or your luggage. It drops onto a foamy platform which comes out of the pairs of tires in the back. The lines coming from the lights means the lights shine on and off. The plaid behind the driver is a pathway to the camping track. The extra wires connect to the engine and the transmission.

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  1. at that speed, it would take slightly less than 2 hours from portland which would be great for us, because we could order delicious food from there, and good for them, because we could deliver excellent produce to them year round very quickly.

    excellent design.