Saturday, August 20, 2011

GT Consoul 560

The GT ConSOUL 560 - Its a GT because its sportishly like a custom car. It doesn't really exist but maybe someday. Its a 560 because its like a Ford 150, but the 5 in the front is a bigrig and the 60 is ten better than the Ford. Its named ConSOUL because of its fancy rims, which a rapper would have. Its transmission is three times a regular transmission (note the extra green boxes at the bottom). These charge the transmission to give it extra power.

It's windshield wipers are long (two times the size of dinner table plates). The top contains a scanner that finds any dirt or water and then connects to the windshield wiper so the driver can see. The windshield can also adjust thickness based on the terrain the GT drives in.

It gets special power out of regular gas and it costs less money. It can carry up to 20 suitcases, which can be loaded in 5 seconds, due to a ramp, also equipped with a special scanner. This also happens with a push of a button. There are several beeps that will go off before the ramp starts loading.


  1. How fast is the GT Consoul 560?

  2. Looks pretty cool. You should build it, Caleb!

  3. Unknown - It can go up to 670 MPH because it has more space for batteries.

  4. What a great blog! I am so glad to see your interest in cars continues to grow.
    Mrs. Diane

  5. Very cool site! Love the car. I wish I had one myself. Keep up the good work!

  6. whoa, that's a cool car! I like how it costs less money!