Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Ford56 G++ Unknown

The Ford56 G++ Unknown is a mystery car. This a camping truck, which comes with a wagon to haul all of the wires required. The huge thing on top is a flotation device so that it can transform into a motorboat. The camper can hold up to 9 people. Its maximum length is 8x20 feet, which is about 20 times the length of a large rattle snake. The little tiny wheel on the back is attached by thin wires to the transmission. The wires are protected by armored plates. All of the wheels are protected by mini-robots.


  1. I am fan of Caleb on Speed! Hi, Caleb! [via Google+]

  2. 我願意把我的工程師團隊,打造這款車。

  3. The above comment is translated as: "I am willing to put my team of engineers to build this car."