Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tar 2.0

So I was thinking... since I have already done cars and trucks I decided to do a combination of a car and a truck! Tar 2.0 is what I thought of.. but someone had already beat me to this kind of car. (Chevy's El Camino). So then I thought that I should add more detail like smoke and a truck cab but car-style. I thought that I should should make it run Eco Friendly but not with pollution from the smoke. I thought to put bubbles then like all my other cars. In case if you are wondering, the car next to it is a Ford GT but not a Ford56 G++ Unknown. It also has a Sonic the Hedgehog antenna. This car has three levels of storage and is a five-seater. I hope you enjoy this combination of cars and trucks!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Metal to the Next Level

Metal to the next Level is a robot/a pile of cars but the robot is made of cars and a truck. This robot can transform any of its cars into laser cannons and the truck can transform into a mini security robot.

The mini security robot has a security camera and six tranquilizer darts like ROBART III. The pile of cars can split out and become fish tanks that can drive and give  people bottomless sports drinks. We'll make unlimited food printers soon (so no one can go hungry again!)... anyway these fun vehicles are great and are almost available.