Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Car Collage

Sorry I have not been posting lately, but I have seen some very cool cars and would like to show them to you.
This is a smart car I saw in Glendale carrying a ridiculously large sign to advertise their pizza place.
Very awesome Ford Mustang Mach I found in Pasadena, I would love to have this car.

These two awesome Japanese sport cars I found in front of a gelato shop in Old Town Pasadena. The wheel on the bottom picture says Senpai.

This yellow Porsche I found apparently has on it
This is a Lamborghini that is kind of hard to tell in the picture. Found in Old Town Pasadena.

I will definitely make more posts now, do not worry.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Car of the Week 4: 1963 Chevrolet Corvette

1963 Chevrolet Corvette

I'm pretty excited about this "Car of the Week" which happens to be the 63' Corvette. Sorry in advance for not posting last week. As told in other "Car of the Weeks'" I need to have the Hot Wheels' version and it needs to be real. How did I acquire one of these as a Hot Wheels? The answer is really cool. Before I explain, here are some statistics: Sports car, standard 250 hp, Highest sale value: $1,050,000, Lowest sale value: $9,388 (Wow that's low). 

My Hot Wheels Version

This was hard to find, the H.W. car was made in 1997, I found it at a "thrift shop" while going stores. 

Sources: Sale Values: ConceptCarz

Image: CorvetteMike

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Car of the Week 3: Dodge Viper SRT GTS-R

Image result for dodge viper srt gts-r

This is the third post of the ongoing series; "Car of the Week"

This week's post is about the Dodge Viper SRT GTS-R, a racing and sport car. Dodge also makes trucks, caravans, SUV's, and more. Their trucks can also be called "Rams". I don't currently have any stats of the car, that will be soon in terms of editing. I chose this one because I also have it in Hot Wheels and Nitro Type (listed below).

My Hot Wheels version

My Nitro Type Car

For those that don't know, Nitro Type is a game that practices typing and you can buy more cars from achievements and racing, it shows your average words per minute (wpm) and highest. You can also browse new updates, and get on leader board for activity or fastest typing. Here is my profile.

Credits: Lightshot Screenshot Taker for use of Nitro Type Capture

Autoblog for use of Picture

Edit: changed last paragraph and credits

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Car of the Week 2: Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Image result for tesla model s

This is the second post of the ongoing series; "Car of the Week"

This weeks' car of the week for October is the electric coupe, the Tesla Model S. As we most know, Tesla is an popular company that contains records such as largest acres of land for factory use, and one of a few very fast all electric cars. I tried to get this car of the week in before the era of Tesla goes away. I also might have the Tesla Model X come up soon. Here are some stats of the S; 315 miles of range, 60 mph in a claimed 2.5 seconds, and retractable door handles for prevention of theft. 

Here is a picture of my Tesla Model S Hot Wheel Car.

Hope you enjoy, I have plenty more coming. Again, don't worry the drawings aren't going away. Comment what you think should be next, and if possible, send me a link to the Hot Wheels Car version too.

Edit: Here is a link of the Stats Source.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Car of the Week: Jaguar F-Type Project 7

Jaguar F-Type Project 7

Image result for jaguar f type project 7

This is a new series of car showcases that I thought of while looking at my hot wheels cars.

The "Car of the Week" shows a car that I have a Hot Wheels car, and that is also a real car. Here are some stats of this sports car: 1. It has 567 hp (Top speed 186 mph) 2. It was released for sale in 2015, but was shown as a concept in 2013. 3. It has a V8 engine, and 4. It's current price is in US dollars, $165,000. The reason why I like this car is because of the design in the back, and the use of the spoiler. I think the car has a nice combination of sport and style. 

That is a picture of the Hot Wheels car version that I own. Hot Wheels cars most of the time come in different sets of colors. For example, I have a red and white colored Jaguar, but when I was looking online at the sales of this one, there is also a green and black Hot Wheels car by the same brand and look that can be bought. I might showcase all of my cars at one point, but for now I will stick with this series. Speaking of the series, this series of, "Car of the Week" is gonna go for as long as I can. If you enjoy this series please leave a comment below. If you think my car drawings are gone, that is not true, I have some car sketches I will be posting soon. Here is a link of the source of my stats, for this car. Thanks for reading, - Caleb 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Jeep Hike

The Jeep Hike is a large dune buggy. The Hike is a hybrid car, but can go on all-terrains. Here are the features: 1. It has a bike and snowboard/skateboard rack on the top. 2. Has four antennas. 3. Is equipped with comfortable Dx-Racer seats. 4. The back seat has a TV and the front has a GPS and XM music player. 5. it has dune buggy racing lights for night races in the front top.

I have made several different versions of this buggy, this is the one that I liked the best and was the easiest to access the picture. Something different.

-Caleb J

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Volkswagen Car Show 2016

Hello, this is Caleb, again. While driving to a local Starbucks after a day of work, we saw, across the street, a Volkswagen mini car show that my dad and I did not want to miss.

When we got to the the drive thru, we saw around 20 Volkswagen that had been maybe traveling together, or a show that you could bring your own collector's car to be seen by other people stopping by. We saw many cars from vans, to convertible classics, to even some that looked like old spy movie cars. This was a great sight for me. So I pulled out my dad's camera, I took pictures of each car really, and out of the collage below, I chose what would be some of the highlights of what were there. Not to mention all of the cars were spectacular, but I wanted a variety of cars that had come into the scene.

Some of the cars there had been in the Rose-Bowl, which I thought was really cool and memorable. My family saw a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles van that had been converted, with one of the cast members life-sized doll in the side seat it was a Facebook and Instagram-known van that had probably traveled many places.

If I had to rate the Volkswagen there (That I could possibly have), it would be in this list

  1. The Red and White Volkswagen Van (Top Left)
  2. The Green headlights and Shape convertible beetle (Middle Left)
  3. White Rose Bowl Racks and bumpers equipped beetle (Bottom Left)

Overall it was a extraordinary event that was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity 10/10